King Soundworks | Stages | Our Stages | When we set about building our stages we did so knowing we had to accomplish one thing - they'd better be darn good. The mix stages feature the newest generation Avid D-Control consoles with brand spanking new Mac Pros providing the juice.

Dimensions 18’W x 28”L X 13’H 

Full Blown Icon D-Control Console

Latest Protools HDX Technology running on brand new Mac Pros

16' x 9' Screen

Fibre channel connectivity to the outside world for fast and smooth data exchange. 

KSW Stage 5 is a fully equipped feature film and episodic television stage. Clients love our Burbank facility; it was originally built for a major Hollywood star as the base for his production company complete with private mix and ADR stages. As a result it has the appointments and feel of your own private compound away from the hustle and bustle of a studio lot. The facility is located steps from all the great restaurants in downtown Burbank.