King Soundworks | Stages | Our Stages | When we set about building our stages we did so knowing we had to accomplish one thing - they'd better be darn good. The mix stages feature the newest generation Avid D-Control consoles with brand spanking new Mac Pros providing the juice.
Room Specifications

Dimensions 21'W x 38'L x 14'H

Full-blown Icon D-Control Console

Latest Protools HDX Technology running on brand new Mac Pros

16' x 9' Screen

Fibre channel connectivity to the outside world for fast and smooth data exchange.

Located across the street from the historic Aaron Spelling Studios, Stage 1 is a fully equipped feature film and television mixing stage. This stage has played host to such blockbuster feature films as Battleship, Hancock, and The Kingdom. Recently we've used it on 42, Saving Mr. Banks and The Founder.