King Soundworks | Stages | Our Stages | When we set about building our stages we did so knowing we had to accomplish one thing - they'd better be darn good. The mix stages feature the newest generation Avid D-Control consoles with brand spanking new Mac Pros providing the juice.

Dolby Home Atmosphere Mixing Stage

Dimensions 21'W x 33'L x 14'H

Avid S-6 Mixing console

Latest Protools Technology running on brand new Mac Pros

Fibre channel connectivity to the outside world for fast and smooth data exchange.

KSW Stage 3 Calvert is a Dolby Home Atmosphere stage wirth a 2 man Avid S-6 mixing console. Room dimensions are 22' X 30' with a ceiling height of 14 feet. The room is powered by the most recent and fastest Apple computers. The room can comfortably host playbacks for up to 18 guests.