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Founded in 1991, we cut our teeth doing television for legendary NYPD detective Sonny Grosso (Roy Scheider played him in The French Connection). We quickly segued into films with movies like The Santa Clause, French Kiss (Larry Kasden), The American President (Rob Reiner) and Forget Paris (Billy Crystal). We've worked with Michael Mann four times including The Insider which was Oscar nominated for Best Sound.  Lately we've done great projects like The Founder and Saving Mr. Banks. We also love TV - you can hear us on The Path, Jane The Virgin and Friday Night Lights.


We have an extremely versatile crew where many of our mixers are sound designers and our sound designers are mixers. Our crew is on your project from start to finish so they know all the intricacies and are thoroughly invested in your production. Everyone here has extensive feature and television experience and devotes the same level of professionalism to each.

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Our goal is to be a creative workshop, a place where filmmakers collaborate. We have a reputation for doing high quality work and we do this in a dynamic environment where the work comes first. We do the sound design, editorial and mixing for feature films, television, and every other type of media you can think of. We have facilities in Santa Monica, Burbank, Santa Clarita, and Van Nuys.

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    Sound Effect Design
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    Dialogue Editing
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